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Here is the place where emotions are expressed, given and worn.
Welcome! Here is the place where emotions are expressed, given and worn.

Emozia Pencil Case

Material: 100% polyester, Dimensions 20.5 x 7 x 6 cm
14.00 EUR

Availability: In stock

Code: 466008B4
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You can give life to all Emozia Gifts products with your special message.
Lifetime warranty for stored messages, memories are not lost.
The products have a 2-year warranty.
The delivery time for orders abroad is 5-7 working days from the date of processing the order to which is added the period for the customs clearance process for Non-UE countries and customs duties. These are set by each country and must be verified by the customer.
For those who choose to write their thoughts using the old method, the Emozia pencil case is a wonderful gift. Why? Because once the pencil case is opened, the writing instruments are no longer just pens or pencils, but tools used to draw the mind of a person. Our thoughts take on a different form when we choose to put them on paper, and this pencil case can be a gift from the soul to the soul. You can load personalized messages inside this object to bring it to life. The emotions, moments and memories you choose to upload can be seen whenever you need just by bringing the phone close to the pen.
It can be a wonderful gift for the special people in your life with whom you have a special connection, so that, even in moments when you are not physically next to each other, you can share your written thoughts by loading them into this object. The connection between you will be much stronger with a gift in which you can load a part of yourself.
How does Emozia products work?

Have you ever thought how it would be to give not just an object, but an entire story embedded in your gift?

Emozia helps you digitally personalize any product on with the help of a text message, picture, video, audio, link or even a document. Thus, your gift will turn into a unique gift that will be enlivened with a part of you.

We have combined technology with art to change an object into an emotion, taking into account the difficulty in finding nowadays a special gift for our loved ones or even for our soul.

To view the message inside the chosen object, you just have to bring the phone closer to the part indicated on the product.

There are moments when words do not make sense because a perfect gift is a feeling from the heart, an unforgettable memory and an emotion that can incorporate both.

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